Monday, September 25, 2006

Denden went AWAY!!

Yes, last saturday Denden (my female owner) went away. All week she'd had the big black boxes out and was packing things in and out & re-arranging stuff in them and then weighing them on the scale.

I thought I could stop her from leaving if I got on the lid of the box and didn't get off...then she either couldn't leave or I'd get to go along. Didn't work. I was forcibly removed from the lid and the box was closed. Now she's gone and it's just Mark (my male owner) and I...two old males in the house alone. Not that I'm complaining but he doesn't let me sleep at night against his legs like Denden does. Oh well...

Going POSTAL!!

I got my Petsmart giftcard for winning the word search contest at Skeezix's birthday party.

I had to laugh out loud though at the joke Skeezix played on the mailperson... You will recall that when my birthday package arrived, the mailperson scrawled 'HERE?' on the box?? Well, look how the giftcard was addressed:

WAY TO GO, SKEEZIX!! That answers that rude person!! ^0^

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Today was the birthday of my best internet friend, Skeezix, who is responsible for my having a blog and making all the internet friends I have. Anyway, in honor of his birthday, I got to open the birthday box and it was FULL of GOODIES!! The box smelled of CATNIP and inside, on the bottom, was the greatest toy MOUSE I'd ever played with!! He smells of catnip, has feathers for a tail and rattles too!! Wow, and there was more! Cat treats, a scrunchy ball and, best of all, a sewn up kind of ball with feathers on it that smelled of catnip too!! Wow, my 'beans are gonna have to go some to make MY birthday better than THIS one!!

Hope you had an awesome birthday Skeezix! Thanks for the great prezzys! You're one generous friend!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

OK, I am annoyed now...

My tail is switching back and forth, I'm so angry!

My birthday party box came from my buddy Skeezix. Here it is:

Look what the goofus post-person wrote on it; "HERE?" Of COURSE I'm here! Didn't you deliver a package to me before? Don't I watch you deliver the mail nearly every day?? Jeez...

And then, to add to the indignation, my owners opened the box, despite my protests that

1. It's MY box, so keep out of it!
2. It's supposed to be opened during the party, and NOT BEFORE!

I'm -SO- tired of human beans right now, I'm glad I'm a CAT, the SUPERIOR SPECIES!! ^_^

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cat nap

OK, here's the video I posted before. Is the cat held in place by giant magnets or what?? This is one disturbing video!! ^_^

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Cat with his own wheelchair!

This cat is owned by a mad-scientist type robot builder. When the cat was injured and couldn't walk, his owner built him a contraption so he can get around.

Siamese Twins Separated at Birth?

Is this Skeezix and Mr. Tasty Face? You decide!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I want a BROTHER!!

See this pictures of the neat cat? His name is Zippy though you would be excused if you thought it was me - he's even as old as I am!

Anyway, he's at the local humane society here living with the other cats who are looking for homes. I saw his picture and thought he'd be a good brother to adopt but now there's a civil war brewing here at home regarding whether or not it would be good to do this. Personally I think it would be GREAT! After all, when I first came here I lived with my big brother Buster and nobody died or was injured when there were two cats here (except the mice).

I hope the people decide to adopt him!!

Poor cat!!

Is he just napping or held in place by something like giant magnets?? YOU watch and decide!! ^_^