Saturday, July 26, 2008



I forgot that July 1st was my SECOND blogoversary! So we had fun & made a cake! (not THIS cake, mind you, but one to take to a birthday party tonight) Oh well, happy blogoversary to ME!! ^_^

It's COOL outside!

Okay, it was cool outside this morning so my beans opened the windows. I sat on the bed and looked at the window. Something smelled really interesting. I sniffed and sniffed. Finally one of my beans noticed. He asked if I wanted to look outside. He lifted me up to the window and I climbed out of his arms on to the window. Wow, it's great!! You can look and see all the birdies and rabbits!!

Natural Camoflauge


See how my neutral color makes me nearly INVISIBLE on the carpet of our house. If my beans hadn't just cleaned up with the noisy machine I would have blended in even BETTER!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My FIRST award!!

Oh yeah, I forgot! Kimo and Sabi gave me my FIRST AWARD!! They thought it was pretty good of me to stay home and nurse my owner back to health instead of attending their house trashing party so I got the You Made My Day award.
Maybe I'll hang it over my food bowl? Either that or my mess pan. I want to look at it every day!!

130 cats in a small apartment!!


You know I've been wanting to get a brother or sister but I guess there's too much of a good thing. Here's some pictures of a nice old lady who's been helping out 130 homeless cats by keeping them in her tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Looks a


The place this happened does NOT have a shelter for cats so in a way, the lady is providing a valuable service to the community for FREE...


There was nothing in the article about how/if the cats were taken away. I don't know if that's good or not. Even if she could keep up with feeding/watering and litterbox duties, how could she give enough attention to each cat so they would not turn ferral??