Monday, August 28, 2006

Ooops...I forgot!

Forgot to mention in my last post that the two buttons I got were from my buddy Skeezix - I came in as runner up in his Meow Mix House contest. Don't they look GREAT?? And the funny thing? The winner could pick anything he wanted, and I'd pick the little button that I got! How lucky is that?!??

I got MAIL!!

Yeah, I couldn't believe it! My owner came home and she laughed that I had mail. Well I'd never had mail before so I figured it would be junk mail or something. But no, it was from! Did I know about cafepress?? Hm, the name was familiar but I couldn't place it. And what was all this stuff inside?
Oh wow, SKEEZIX BUTTONS!! I tried one on and found out why Skeezix wears a shirt - it doesn't hurt nearly as much to wear a button!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Here's a pic of me sitting on my cat pad. As you can see, though I look pretty cool I guess I -do- need light catfood...

Oh and you can't see my blue eyes 'cos I'm squinting from the BLINDING FLASH which is terribly annoying. Anyone else have that problem? My owner snaps a picture and I'm seeing little purple and white dots for the next few minutes...

I won't starve, anyway...

Yes, I'll probably get in trouble for posting this pic of the messy closet but yesterday morning my owner came back with not one but TWO bags of catfood!! When you consider one bag lasts a few months I wonder why he got two? Is there gonna be a terrorist attack on the catfood factory? Are my owners preparing to coccoon themselves in the house for 6 months? Some things are beyond my understanding, I guess.

Oh and you'll see that this is LIGHT catfood. For my, um, well, weight problem. OK? Got a problem with that? Alright. As some people have said, there's more Bravely to love...

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately. To make up for it here's the site I got this picture from. It has some pretty strange pictures of kittens so be warned:

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Thank you for contacting us concerning Episode 9 of the Meow Mix House. We were experiencing some technical difficulties for a few days, but the problem has now been corrected. You should be able to view the episode now.

Watch it at

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Das German FAT CAT!!

Workers at an animal home in the German city of Cologne said Friday they were looking for the owner of an overweight a cat abandoned outside its gates.

The black and white animal, which has been named Milka, weighed a massive 13 kg (29 pounds), more than three times the norm. It was unable to wash itself and could barely walk, the Koeln-Dellbrueck home said in a statement Friday.

The obese kitty was put on a crash diet and a course of antibiotics because of sores on its skin and workers had to find an extra-large quarantine box for it because none of the usual ones were big enough, the statement said.
"Whether it was out of misplaced love for animals or another reason, we just cannot understand such irresponsibility toward the cat," it added.
The home said it wanted to bring charges against the owner -- if he or she can be traced.

For pictures of Milka, see the animal home's Web site at:

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Coolness comes AT LAST!!

Ode to it being 76 degrees at Twelve Noon:

Step back non-believers, Or the rain will never come. Someone keep that fire burning, Somebody beat the drum. Some may think I'm crazy for making all these claims, but I swear before this day is over you folks are gonna see some rain!!

These are the happy tommytoes on our balcony celebrating not only the end of the hot weather but also a break in the drought we've been having! ^_^

Proof California has NOTHING on Minnesota!!

OK, here's scientific proof that yesterday it was hot enough the squirrels were melted and dripping from the trees! Last night it got all rainy and stormy and now it's really funny; the rain is falling and making the streets steam up in a freaky fog. I guess everybody out east is gonna get this awful hot weather now...

Anyway, the air conditioner has finally shut off too and my owners are happy 'cause they said if they had another big alektrick bill they'd have to cut back on my whisker lickins treats!!