Sunday, July 30, 2006


Tomorrow is gonna be even HOTTER than today. I can't believe it! But then it's supposed to cool off to relatively lower temperatures!! Never thought I'd say it, but I'm really really looking forward to January when it's so cold I nap under the covers to keep warm!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

To the CATMOBILE, Robin!!

Okay, if you haven't seen these yet, behold the car of the future; the CATMOBILE! If they run on MICE, the whole gas shortage problem will be solved, 'cause there are TONS of mice around! Dogs might start chasing cars a lot more though...

Friday, July 28, 2006

Oh JOY!!

Last night we had WATERMELON!! Watermelon is my most favorite people food, except for canteloupe, which we don't have as often.

I don't think I mentioned; my first foster mom, the one who raised me, never let me have any people food so I would not beg. I guess that's why I don't like foods that cats usually like such as fish, chicken and meat. When I moved to my current house my owners would show off how I made a 'bad smell' face when offered some fish or chicken. Were they in for a suprise! One morning they cut open a canteloupe and it was the bestest thing I'd ever smelled!! I rubbed against their legs and cried and cried until they gave me some! Then awhile later they had watermelon which I found I liked too.

So here I am on a HOT day, eating yummy cold watermelon! Life is GOOD!! ^_^

Thursday, July 27, 2006


The noisy box woke us up this morning with news that a CAT SMUGGLING RING had been broken and everybody was arrested! Wow! I was SO EXCITED that I could hardly wait to get on the pyooter and read about it. Turns out it was the plants instead of the animals though:

44 Indicted In Khat-Smuggling Ring
(AP) NEW YORK Federal agents say they have broken up a smuggling ring responsible for most U.S. distribution of a leafy stimulant called khat, which is illegal here but commonly used in East Africa and parts of the Arabian peninsula.Prosecutors announced the indictment of 44 people in New York on Wednesday on charges that they helped bring 25 tons of the plant into the U.S. in recent years. Fourteen men were arrested in the Minneapolis area.

Well, that was still interesting so I looked up KHAT in wikkipedia and found that even announcers on a multi-state radio station don't look up how to pronounce words they've never seen:

Khat (Catha edulis, family Celastraceae), pronounced "cot" and also known as qat, gat, chat, and miraa, is a flowering plant native to tropical East Africa. Believed to originate in Ethiopia, it is a shrub or small tree growing to 5–8 m tall, with evergreen leaves 5–10 cm long and 1–4 cm broad.

Now I'm still hot and upset from hearing about CAT smugglers too! I think I'm gonna email them a complaint!!

When Cats Take Over The World


See & hear it at

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Last post for today

The man in the radio said the doo point is 68 and the tempachur is 72, and it's not even 7:30 yet! I wonder if it's gonna get as hot as yesterday? I feel sorry for all the cats out west where it's over 100 degrees, 'cause 90 is HOT ENUF!!

I am gonna quit blogging now and spend the day laying downstairs on my cat pad, which is by a nice air conditioning vent!

My story

Ok, everyone wonders how I got my name. I guess you first have to know I was named after one of the knights in a funny movie. You can listen to the part where Sir Robin is in at

I was born in an abandoned house with my brothers and sisters. My mom was a purbred siamese, ive been told. When I was only three weeks old they were gonna tear down the house and my mom's owner didn't want us so one of the demolition workers took us all home to raise us. After we were old enough she gave all of us away but kept me. I was named Bravely Bold Sir Robin 'cause I get scared real easy and run and hide under the people bed.

Anyway I was about 9 months old when even MORE cats (and a DOG!) came to live at the house. My owner thought it was time for some of us to leave and offered us to a friend of hers. She tried pawning off my two older buddies, Jessa and Jaidan, but they held out for me. I eventually ended up going home with them for which I'm very glad, even though I peed and pooped in the car...hey, it was my FIRST TIME away from home other than the vets!

Well that was back in 1999. My old friend, Buster, that used to live here went away to the vets back in 2002 and never came back so I've been the only cat of the house since then.

Though I'm not a brave cat I *LOVE* to hunt mice! (Within the first two weeks of arriving here, I caught more mice than Buster did in all the years HE was here!) My favorite toy is fuzzy mice and I also love whisker lickins treats and birdwatching on the balcony in the summer.

funny morning

This morning my owner was LOL (which means laughing out loud). When I came over to the pyuuter, it had this pikture on it.

Even though I am a 'HE' my owner was talking about how it was so appropriate for what goes on around here.

You want to know something though? He really likes JK Rowling and I think that's why he likes it...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

First Post

Hi, this is Bravely Sir Robin aka Bravey Boy aka Bravely; a lynx-point siamese living in Eagan, MN. In this blog I'm going to enter the exciting events of my life and be a trendy cat with a blog, like many many others...or so I've heard. I've only seen Skeezix, who was the inspiration for making this blog so this entry is dedicated to him! >^_^<