Saturday, February 17, 2007

My campaign for a brother CONTINUES!!

This guy's name is JACK...he's a 9 month old siamese/tabby mix (like me!) and is available for adoption at the Minnesota Valley Humane Society!!

I think it would be GREAT to have a little brother!! We could play and sleep together and it wouln't be so lonely in the house when the human beans are off all day at work.

Plus I could pass down my wealth of knowledge I've learned over the years like: when the beans sleep in on Saturday morning and you don't get your breakfast at 5.30am like during the weekdays, let them know about it...LOUDLY! If you do it loud enough and often enough, you'll ALWAYS get breakfast, I've found out...

Anyway, this is my campaign to get Jack as a little brother...I'd really like a little buddy to play with!! Now if only I can purrsuade Denden that the house won't explode if there are two cats here...


At 1:55 PM, Blogger Junior said...

He is a cutie!


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